About Us

To provide customers with fast, preferential, high-quality, safe transportation and lifting services

Ah D Transportation Limited is a well-established transportation company in Hong Kong. Our major business is the provision of heavy-duty transportation services by special-purpose vehicles, provision of loading and hoisting equipment and disposal of construction waste.

Our vehicles and equipments keep pace with the times and will be constantly be updated and expanded in response to different market requirements.

At present, we have more than 80 special purpose vehicles (like crane lorry & grab lorry). Other equipments included excavators, generators, drilling rigs, dump trucks, tractors, trailers and garbage buckets.

With over 30 years of experience in the transportation field, we are renowned for offering transportation and working vehicle rental service which is fast, preferential, high-quality and safe.

Our professionals guarantee to provide prompt and efficient services. Please feel free to contact us for any enquiry or making appointment.